Where it all started - Nana Bryder ART

Where it all started

Like many others, who rediscover art later in life, it takes over and becomes all consuming.  I think because we've had the experience of life and everything it has to offer, from the good to the bad (and the ugly!) 

So when we reconnect with what we truly love it really is the most beautiful feeling.  

This is a picture of my trailer, when I realised a studio was definitely needed as we did no longer have a place for cooking ;-)

So many of us start painting at the kitchen table or in the corner of a spare bedroom and that is such a fond memory.   

Now the trailer is gone and I'm blessed to have a beautiful studio in Tibirke in the northern part of Zealand and at the small island of Lyø in Denmark where all my materials are set up, ready for the intense periods of painting.