• atelier

    In 2024 I am working at my atelier in Tisvilde and on the small Danish island Anholt.

  • work proces

    I primarily work with acryllics. Sometimes with oils and mixed medias. And then i love to have serveral paintings in the process at a time.

  • next exhibition

    The yearly Summer Ehibition on Anholt: From 24th to 28th of july I will be holding a solo exhibition at Det Gamle Redningshus at Ørkenvej, Anholt.


My paintings don’t have a
particular message as such. Art is ineffable, so it has to go beyond any
particular message. I often liken it to instrumental music. You wouldn’t ask what a piece of music means, you enjoy it.

As Picasso said: “you don’t
have to understand the song of a bird to know that it’s beautiful”. However, my work comes out of a contemplative dimension within me that sees the world as
beautiful and mysterious.

I enjoy combining textures and rhythms found in the
details of nature with the big picture - a sense of the sublime, even. My focus is like that of a camera lens, shifting between the micro and the macro level of any image.